Grace's Story

God is in the kindness

23 Grace web

The first lockdown was hard because we needed more outside space to run around in. So we moved house in October and, in November, I had to move schools.

The day I started my new school I felt really nervous and I also felt very sad because I was leaving all my good old friends behind. On the way to school I didn’t really want to talk a lot, but when I got there my new teacher was really nice.

When it was playtime I made friends really easily and I felt much more courageous than I had felt that morning. That’s when I understood that God was with me and had given me that courage, because God knew that I needed it. That helped me to make friends and now I’m really settled. One of the reasons I felt that God was with me was that God was in the kindness of the children and teachers who welcomed me.

God is with us!

Grace is nine years old and lives near Salisbury with her family, including two cats and her little brother. She belongs to Salisbury Methodist Church where her mum is a minister. She’s proud to be one of the Methodist Green Agents of Change, to find out more about this programme, please click here.

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