Faith Questions

What is a Christian?

READ: Christians are people who believe that God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, truly exists as one God, revealed in Jesus Christ. A Christian is called by God to trust and follow Jesus Christ; to learn from his words and actions; and to share in his mission, in the power of the Holy Spirit, in company with other Christians. Christians believe that God offers us his love, forgiveness, acceptance and new life in Christ – this is the Good News.

RESPOND: Listen to this song and read the words. These are words from a historic ‘creed’ (a statement of belief) that dates back to the early centuries of the Christian faith about 1,700 years ago. As you listen, see what words or phrases jump out at you – how do they make you feel?

What does it mean to live the Christian life?

READ: Living a Christian life means loving God and loving our Neighbour. Christians show love to God when they worship and serve him with joy, faith and obedience. Christians should love their neighbour as themselves by doing for their neighbour everything they would like others to do for them. Jesus shows us what such love might mean by living, dying and rising for others.

RESPOND: Praying is an essential part of the Christian life – it’s the communication, spoken or unspoken, that takes place between ourselves and God. God always hears our prayers, but does not always answer immediately or in the way we might expect. Have you ever prayed before? Prayer is simply turning to God who is always with us. If you’ve not prayed before, have a go here.

How do I become a Christian?

READ: Becoming a Christian can happen in an instant when you say ‘yes’ to following Jesus Christ – but it’s a lifelong journey of growing in faith. Anybody can become a Christian, whoever you are, regardless of any guilt or shame you might feel about things that have happened in your life. God knows and loves you and wants you to be in a relationship with God. Often, we get caught up trying to work out exactly what we believe, or what living a good life looks like – and although these things can be important, they’re not what becoming a Christian is really about. It’s about turning to God, saying ‘yes’ to following Jesus and to having a relationship with him.

RESPOND: Saying ‘yes’ to Jesus brings Christians hope, joy, peace, comfort, freedom, healing, forgiveness, a feeling of always being loved and accepted. Reflect on this: what would saying ‘yes’ to following Jesus mean for you? What’s stopping you?

To find out more about how to become a Christian, this website offers a chat-function where you can ask a Christian any questions you have.